How to create .CSV file from Microsoft Excel

How to create csv file from Microsoft ExcelHow to create csv file from Microsoft Excel

What is CSV

There are many file formats depending on the application that creates and uses them. For text and doc files for example if you are using Microsoft Excel you probably noticed that all files are saved as xls or xlsx format (the part after the dot in filename). CSV stand for “Comma Separated Values”.

If you work in excel the data is stored not as regular text but alongside with information about formatting the cell, font, color etc. That means if you open a Excel file in some plain text editor you will see strange symbols instead of the text you entered in cells.

Fortunately there is an option to export your data in more readable format for all other applications. CSV is one of that formats. When you use “Save as” command and select the “comma delimited CSV” you just export your data separated by commas according to the columns in your spreadsheet.

How to create a CSV from excel file

Actually the exporting a CSV file from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is quite easy by following the steps below:

  • Open your table in Microsoft Excel
  • Go to the Excel menu and find the “Save As” menu command then select it
  • Add some name for your new CSV file
  • From the drop down box below the name of file select “Comma delimited CSV file”
  • Click on “Save” button.

Now you have a CSV file from your Excel data. In some versions of Excel as Excel 2016 there is another option you can use by selecting the “export” button.

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