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Saycle лийд генератор и мениджър е навсякъде с васSaycle лийд генератор и мениджър е навсякъде с вас

Dear friends,

We hope your are spending your summer holiday great while re re charging for the upcoming new business season. Using this moment we worked very hard on Saycle especially on all issues reported by you lately. Now we are really happy to announce there are two main updates of the software that  we want to share with you now.

The tracking code does NOT slow down your web pages anymore

Many of our users at one time or another have noticed a certain delay when loading their web pages caused by Saycle’s track code. This of course was disturbing us because we know how important for Google ranking the uploading speed is.

Now we are happy to say that this problem is SOLVED! Since today, our script is loading ASYNCHRONOUSLY. What does this mean?

Typically, Web pages are loaded by web browsers in a certain sequence. The bad thing is that sometimes larger images or scripts that run longer actually stop loading the web page until all of them are fully loaded. And that’s a problem!

From now on Saycle’s track code is loading asynchronously. This is a relatively new technology where the script loads in the background and does not affect the loading of the other elements of the site in any way! More about asynchronous loading can be found in this article from the pluralsight website.

IMPORTANT: Please visit your Saycle account and go to the “Setup” page. There you can find a new track code that the system has generated for you. Replace it on all pages of your site!

In the example below, you can see the speed rate at which is loaded, where we’ve also set a track code to attract customers naturally. 🙂 The site is loaded in less than 4 seconds from a server in Stockholm, Sweden. You can also test your website and optimize it with the Pingdom Speed ​​Test tool from here.

Saycle track code loading fast

Saycle track code loading fast

For us, it is of utmost importance that you have user satisfaction while working with Saycle.

A very important issue to solve was the problem of Saycle website delays caused by the increased number of users. We had to completely revise our codes and optimize many queries and databases. As a result, we can boast at least a tenfold increase in speed, although our users already exceed 150! As we say we keep going 🙂

Please do not hesitate to share with us what else we can improve to provide you with the service you are looking for!

Yanislav Tankov

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